Everyday people are learning the strategies of real estate investing. 

Suddenly, they are no longer leading an “everyday life.”

ASR Investments is a specialized investment firm that focuses on your future.  Partnering with the Chicago Business Development Group and using the tools of real estate investing, ASR Investments teaches you wealth strategies that help you grow your financial portfolio and change your lifestyle.  Thousands of people have been through the investment training education offered by ASR Investments and it has changed their lives.  
We want to offer the same opportunity to you.  ASR Investments is looking for individuals who are ready to take their lives to the next level. We have programs available that can teach you the secrets to creating wealth through real estate investing.  You can even earn money while you learn our trade and you can use that money to supplement your income while mastering the art of investment strategies.  


At Our Next Upcoming Event!


This is your opportunity to see how you can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.  We have very special Events scheduled across the county that you can’t miss!  At this event you will learn what is possible when you hear local multi-million dollar investors reveal some of their secrets of success.  They will teach you that anything is possible in real estate investing and how you can achieve substantial wealth within just a few years.  
This IS NOT a get-rich-quick program.  These are legitimate investors who are willing to give you a taste of what your life can be like.  There are no obligations and no fees to come and listen.  If you have been waiting for an opportunity to make a difference, then your time is RIGHT NOW!.  
There is limited seating at each location, so you must register for these Events.  Take a look at our National Registration Map below and find out where there’s and Event scheduled near you.  Just Click on your city of choice to find out more details.

Registering for one of our Events is


We are excited to annouce that we now have different locations where you can register for one of our upcoming Events.  Using our National Registration Map below Click on the city that is conveniently located near you.  
Click on your area and fill out the form and someone will contact you with meetings/times in your area.. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact us at our main office in Chicago at:  815.474.3270

Survey Results

Americans were recently polled to find out where they feel is the best place to invest their financial portfolio for their retirement. The results are shown below:

Stock Market
Business Venture
Real Estate